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Anandi’s father now in Ram Gopal Varma’s nwe Film

The latest television star to get lured into Bollywood is Chetanya Adib, popular for his portrayal of the role of Anandi’s father in Balika Vadhu. He claims to have bagged a big role in a big banner film. He stars in Ram Gopal Varma’s new film Rakta Charitra.

A visibly excited Adib says, “After working in television for a few years, I have got a fair amount of recognition and fame. People know me by my name and the role I play in Balika Vadhu. So, I thought it was a good time to try my hand at bigger things.”

However, he clarifies that there is nothing wrong with Balika Vadhu or television. On the contrary, he is very happy with the show. “I am really proud to be a part of Balika Vadhu, which has changed the meaning of daily soaps on Indian television,” the actor explains.

Rakta Charitra is based on the real life incidents of the slain political leader Paritala Ravindra and Chetanya plays a rough and tough guy from Andhra Pradesh. So how did he get this break? “To be very honest, it just happened and I did not try too hard. One of the chief assistants of Ram Gopal Varma spotted me on television. He told Mr Varma about it and he called me for a meeting. I was nervous. He then narrated my role and asked me if I was interested. There were no audition or look tests. It was as simple as that,” he says, beaming.

However, it is just the beginning for Adib because only the first schedule has been completed. “I am yet to shoot with Viveik Oberoi (who is the lead). It’s been a good experience so far and I am looking forward to my next schedule.”

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