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Bairi Piya Drama – Takhur Exposed in front of her wife Urmila

Bairi Piya Drama – Takhur Exposed in front of her wife Urmila

Bairi Piya‘s Digvijay Thakur (Sharad Kelkar) is finally going to be in trouble what with his wife, Urmila (Shubhi Mehta) coming to know the reality of her husband! She will even stumble upon Amoli’s (Supriya Kumari) truth.

Our source informs, “Radhe is going to be stuck in a political riot. Amoli will go to rescue her husband. Thakur decides to follow her. Amoli will be successful in saving Radhe this time. They will search a place to hide somewhere, and then they will enter a temple.”

Situations will become bitter for Thakur. “The couple will complete one phera of their marriage which they could not complete earlier. At this moment while Amoli and Radhe finish their last phera Thakur will reach the place. He will be furious to know that they have solemnized their wedding. He will drag Amoli to the haveli, Radhe will try to intervene but fails to stop the angry Thakur. As soon as he enters the haveli, Urmila will hear the entire conversation between Thakur and Amoli where he will try to threaten her and narrate all his past evil stories. That’s how Urmila will know that Thakur has not only exploited Amoli but also the other girls of the village. Urmila will receive a big blow hearing this and will decide to leave Thakur and the haveli forever.”

An actress from the show says, “Yes, we are shooting a major track where Thakur is about to get exposed in front of Urmila. And Amoli and Radhe will complete their long-pending marriage rituals.”

This episode is expected to air in a couple of days.

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