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Madhav dies in Jeet Jayenge Hum on Sony TV

Madhav dies in Jeet Jayenge Hum on Sony TV

After Araina slipping into a coma with Sumo’s death in Pyaar Ka Bandhan Sony’s other show Jeet Jayenge Hum will also see a similar development. Madhav (Nawazuddin Sheikh) will die and his wife Damayanti (Nupur Alankar) will slip into a coma.

The story so far: Currently Madhav is in jail and his four children have escaped Suhangnagri with Prabhakar. Prabhakar got separated from them on the way and a few men tried to push Suman into the flesh trade. Their mother Damayanti is left behind and is being tortured by Yadav, the glass factory owner. Inspector Manas (Pawan Shankar) has stepped in as their saviour and he has been helping Suman and her siblings.

Soon Manas will bring in Suman and her siblings back to the village and will save them from Yadav. This is when they re-unite with their mother and start living with Manas at his house because Yadav has destroyed everything that belonged to their family.

A source informs, “Manas promises that he will talk to his superiors and see to it that their father Madhav is released. He goes to the jail and is then informed that Madhav died a long time back in police custody. Hearing this, Damayanti faints and slips into a coma.”

Nawazuddin says, “Yes, my character will be shown dead in the show but I don’t know how they are planning to shoot those scenes. I am currently not shooting for the show and have no idea about what’s happening.”

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